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Will the REAL Aisha Mustafa please stand up!

Did a 19-year-old Egyptian physicists really invent new propulsion physics?

Update: March 05, 2014

After posting my original video asking for the Real Aisha Mustafa to Please Stand Up! I got a reply on my Facebook page from a young Egyptian man who saw the video and became interested in tracking down the story. He managed to find the original interview the the hijab girl I had found pictured in one of the original articles. Here is his message:

As he describes in his message and you will see from the video below, the video is in Arabic...

Luckily enough his sister was a college English Major over in Egypt fluent in both English and Arabic and she provided a translation of the interview for me! Thank you so much Rola and Gassir!

When I have time I will re-post a video to YouTube with the translation in Closed Captions.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER                 MALE INTERVIEWER                      AISHA


- Dear viewers, let us begin our day with optimism and hope. Optimism and Hope, and in our previous segment if you were watching, we had been discussing Educational renaissance, and investing in Education and in future generations

Like societies change, science also changes, and there are scientific revolutions too.

Today, we have an example, an example which makes every Egyptian household proud to see.

Her name: Aisha Mustafa. Aisha?s 19. Basic talk, 19 years, some would say still a student? That is true, she is still a student. She?s a sophomore in the faculty of Science, Physics Major, Suhag University. Witness the combination.

Aisha was able to make a brand new scientific discovery. What is that discovery? Of course, she?ll talk about it more in details, but she invented a device, which provides fuel for space crafts, that run on chemical reactions.

See how complicated? She is only 19, and she has made that discovery

Let?s find out more from Aisha. Good Morning!

-Good morning

-How are you doing?

-Fine, thanks God.

-Talk to us more about your discovery?


- The discovery is basically a device, or a new methodology that generates an electric current in space crafts. Astronomy is a very important science, and sadly Egypt has not realized its importance yet.

But the commonly used method for space crafts is chemical reactions through a Nuclear Reactor

A Nuclear reactor has a lot of problem, namely expenses and the fact that it slows down space crafts. And increases the amount of chemical waste.

-Aisha, we are not experts, so the viewers and I need to understand slowly


-And afterwards, I will ask why you think Egypt is not concerned with such an area?

-The fuel used now in space, is through Nuclear reactors?


-And now you?ve discovered something OTHER than nuclear reactions, which is capable of giving a space ship some sort of fuel? A different kind?


-Please explain the comparison between what?s currently happening, and what you found.

-Currently, Nuclear Reactors are being used. Nuclear Reactors have plenty of disadvantages, like the expense, the chemical waste, and the decreased speed. But the new way involves energy that exists in space, which is fills every corner of the universe. That energy is called ?Zero Point Energy?, of course I wo-

-What?s it called?

-Zero Point Energy.

I won?t go into much scientific details, to simplify the idea for the audience.  But this energy has a force attributed to it, called The Casimir force (Casimir effect?)

-What?s it called, Aisha?

-Casimir Force.

This force results in the formation of electromagnetic fields, and from here you utilize those electromagnetic fields to generate an electric current that feeds the electric system in the space crafts

-by using the device you?re talking about?


-Okay, how do you attain this ?energy?, and utilize it for use in the ships?

-This energy that?s abundant in space is harnessed by using plates of reflective material, between which the electromagnetic fields reflect, and therefore I harness-

-Where are these plates mounted? I just want you to go slow, take a breath!


-I know faculty of science needs speed, but take a breath. Alright, so now this energy is harnessed by the device you?re describing, by using reflective plates. Where are these plates mounted?

-It resembles a solar cell, thusly the electromagnetic fields are reflected, and we convert those fields into electric current, using the Farady induction theory. This theory allows me to convert electromagnetic fields into electric current.

-Pardon me, but we, as a country, are not very involved with space. We?ve never launched a rocket, or reached space or anything of that kind. And we have the United States, the Soviet Union and other developed countries: How have they not reached and discovered what you did? I mean, how did you reach this information or this scientific fact, and they haven?t? or haven?t considered it even?


-I first read about the Casimir force on the internet, of course, and I started thinking how could anyone utilize this energy? Anyone could read up on the Casimir force-

-I?m sorry, Aisha, but are the clips on screen related to the device you discovered?

-It?s a dissection and explanation of a space craft, yes

-Would it be beneficial for the part where you talk about harnessing the universal energy, and utilizing it to provide fuel?

-The methodology they are following now is the most novel. And as to how they haven?t discovered my method, It is really easy for anyone to read up on it, but it comes down to using this information, and relating it to something else. I related astronomy and space sciences with Electrical sciences, Casimir Force with the Farady induction. The advantage is relating information to one another.


-Well, I believe that any new invention or idea needs plenty of experimentation until it proves its value or that it could be useful. How are you going to conduct your experiments?

-In truth, in our university we do not have an Astronomy section,

-This is what I know as well, I think it?s the case in all of Egypt; Astronomy sections are easily counted on fingers of one hand!

-Have you not started along the path rumored? That you went to register your idea and acquire a patent, and see if the Patent authorities or office would guide you to some of the senior scientists in the country that would invest in such an area of study, or at least are financially capable to fund it. Have you started down that path yet?

-Well, thanks God, I already registered it in the Academy of Scientific Research, but the aspect of practical execution has not been reached yet.


-Did they require anything of you? A document, something practical, a model perhaps?

-They have started with sending questions-

-Oh, you are still at the very beginning, then, you have not received the patent yet?


-Okay, so from what I see in front of me, I see that Environmental Compatibility is very essential to you, that this device does not exude any radiation harmful to humans or the environment. Were you actually able to achieve this? or this equation?

-Precisely. The nuclear reactor exudes chemical waste, but using the Casimir force, the chemical waste is decreased, and it is not as harmful as the nuclear reactor.

-Okay, we all know NASA.

-Will she go?

-I mean, yeah. if you do receive the patent, and the Academy for Scientific research starts correspondence, I just want to go back to the point of HOW? How will you carry out the trials for this device? How will we start to put together and manufacture this device?

-Well, here in Egypt, ,there is the Centre for Space Consultancy , and I am hoping to carry out the idea practically there, or an astronomy section in any university in Egypt, to start experimentations.

-You?re still a sophomore, correct?


-What did you professors think when you first started talking about this invention?

-Well, I first spoke to space specialists, and they said that the idea was sound theoretically, but of course the practical side needs experimentations and it needs furthering.


-Aisha we are very proud of you, and God willing, we would see your name in the Newspapers very soon as an Egyptian envoy to NASA, and hear that the invention being manufactured was developed by the hands of an Egyptian girl, who invented it when she was sophomore.

We wish you the best of luck,

-Congratulations prematurely, and see you in wellness.

-Thank you



My Original Report from: January 14, 2014

In early January 2014 I spotted this viral meme going around Facebook, I immediately got excited and began looking for more information!

After a few hours of research I decided to make a video about this story, to share my findings with other interested parties on the internet. PLEASE WATCH!

Here is a copy of Ayeha's email reply regarding my inquiry (click to enlarge):

If anyone has any additional information for how I might get in contact with the Physicist Aisha Mustafa (if she even exists), please contact me. I found a fan page on Facebook but the owner informed me they did not have any contact information. :(

Check out the REAL Ayesha Mustafa's clothing line which helps support women in developing countries and provide them with modern fashion! Thanks You Ayesha for speaking with me and helping me clear up this confusion! Hope you get some positive publicity and business/brand popularity from this!

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