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Dan Burisch (Dan Crain)

This egocenteric, manipulative, fraudulent hoaxer claimed he was a Majestic-12 member, former Area 51 Employee and high ranking military officer. Vietnam Veteran and actual former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche worked with a few ex Navy Seals to file "Stolen Valor" charges against Dan "Burisch" Crain, subsequently prompting Dan to remove nearly 80% of his videos and other online materials from the web to avoid being charged and court martialed.


Dan's Biography according to his own website: A resume of Dan's which surfaced recently completely debunks Dan's claimed activities during the time periods listed. He could not possibly have been working on his Ph.D. at SUNY in New York State while also employed as a Parole Officer for the State of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Dan even tried to make up a fake story about being hospitalized by members of MJ-12 seeking to silence him from speaking out. These are some pictures he faked of himself with cuts and bruises on his face and body.

I also recommend reading some of the Dan Bursch threads on the AlienScientist Forums, lots of great material I will eventually be including here on this page.

Conditions for re-evaluation: If Dan Crain can provide evidence for his claims, such as proof of his education, etc. But until then I am 100% convinced he is a total fraud.