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Eugene Podkletnov


Breaking the Law of Gravity - By Charles Platt (

Physics Papers

Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged Superconductor with Composite Crystal Structure - Eugene Podkletnov and Giovanni Modanese

Gravitomagnetic Field of a Rotating Superconductor and of a Rotating Superfluid - Martin Tajmar and C.J. de Matos

The man walking beside Eugene Podkletnov is Richard Heene, more famously known as the "Balloon Boy Dad", for the Oct 15, 2009 incident where Heene was accused of staging a publicity hoax after his 6 year old son Falcon Heene made the comment (referring to his Parents) "You guys said.... uhm... we did it for the show" to Wolf Blitzer Live on CNN, then threw up the next morning when asked what he meant by the comment "We did it for the Show", Richard claims that Falcon was confused and sick of the media attention, and he was denied the right to a fair trial because the media sensationalized the event. But either way, hoax or not, it's completely irrelevent to the fact that Richard Heene flew to Finland in 2004 and got the only known video interview with Dr. Eugene Podkletnov.

Thank you for getting us this information Richard!